SIR - In episode three of Bradford On Duty, the cameras follow the fire brigade around certain parts of Wild West Bradford as they try to douse random fires. This is not done in the pursuit of spoiling fun but to prevent loss of life.

As predicted on screen, within minutes, the fire service people and the police who have to be there to protect them are surrounded by hooded depraved thugs wielding state-of-the-art mobiles. Small wonder the police are so stretched so far as the rest of us are concerned.

How would these lawless idiots react if they had to clear up the daily mess arising from incidents such as the Audi crash you recently published, commonplace in Bradford? The fact that the public services are simply trying to protect human life is lost. The very same people we rely on to clear up incidents like this, to save lives and to do it all again the next day.

Finally, the video of this crash and any content available from the emergency services evidencing the stark realities of this idiocy should be shown to all secondary year school pupils as a wake up call.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Idle