SIR - Caught speeding at 120mph. In court in mitigation he says he needs to drive because he's a carer for an ill family member and will suffer if he cannot drive them to appointments. He requires the car in order to spend time with his child and needs a licence in order to do his job and if he couldn't drive it would affect his career.

What a pity he didn't think of that when he was breaking the law. A pity he wasn't thinking of others while speeding along.

He is now concerned that the fine and six points handed down will have an adverse affect on him doing his job. Sorry but when you are a police officer you are meant to uphold the law. You can't continue to stop someone for speeding or other traffic offences when you are doing it yourself. You can't expect them to accept the consequences if your not prepared to accept them yourself.

Sorry PC Jelani, but if you lose your career, I would say it is justified.

William Oliver, Fairhaven Green