RESIDENTS and visitors have for decades enjoyed walking around the three tranquil reservoirs (Thruscross, Swinsty and Fewston) and especially more so after Covid when people cherished being outdoors once again (Free parking set to end at popular reservoir sites, Craven Herald, June 16 and online).

There will be several outcomes' of course:

* Prices are rising and people are having to find ways of saving on expenses.

* On the lanes around the area roadside parking will become the accepted alternative where there are no yellow lines or restrictions.

* Timble residents especially will probably suffer the most and Yorkshire water must realise this is how the public will react.

* Around Yorkshire and just over the border there are many other reservoirs that people can walk round that do not involve car parking charges and slowly they will see an increase of walkers and cost conscious visitor.

* Business in the area who rely on the income of visitors and tourists will fairly soon see a decrease in footfall and these charges could be the final catalyst for some to finally close.

I would hope Yorkshire Water has a re- think and by all means introduce honesty boxes where users will gladly donate often more than the actual charge as a beginning in the right direction for all concerned.

John Shaw