SIR - My wife’s father retuned from war service in Burma a troubled man. As he resumed his position as headkeeper on the Countess of Seafields’s Cullen estate he found once again that his main responsibility was to ensure that when the Countess hosted a shooting party there were always more than enough grouse or pheasants to please her guests.

As he grew older he became more and more aware that killing, as Robert Burns put it, his poor earth-born companions and fellow mortals was not a sport but rather something which should trouble the conscience of all those who took part.

This week the T&A reported that Yorkshire Water are thinking about allowing grouse shooting on Thornton Moor.

I hope for my father-in-law’s sake and for all those others who despise 'blood sports’ of any kind they do not agree.

Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley