SIR - Over 2,000 people objected to plans for a new health hub in Keighley led by local councillor Paul Cook (T&A, June 10). Protestors were evicted from City Hall before being given time to speak after their actions were described by Bradford Council Leader Susan Hinchcliffe as "unacceptable" and "unlike anything seen previously".

Why build a discordant modern design on a green open space surrounded by heritage buildings in a town where half a dozen health hubs already exist? Objectors are not saying they don’t want the facilities but that they need to be in the right location one of which, I suggest can be found adjacent in Alice Street on the now demolished, site ready, ex Peter Blacks premises.

During a national shortage of medical expertise can the new hub be fully staffed? At least there may be someone to answer the phone but a doctor’s appointment will still prove impossible.

Open space compliments a town centre so allow us a Captain Tom Park it will attract people AND benefit their health.

Shouts of ‘undemocratic’ by protestors will reverberate and political leaders need to listen before they also fall.

John Pennington, West Riddlesden Hall, Keighley