SIR - Much has been said with regards to the amount of missed appointments and the costs involved in individuals not turning up. I try my hardest to get to every appointment I either book myself or have arranged for the control of my diabetes.

I would like to perhaps give an explanation as to why there are so many missed appointments. I have been directed all over Bradford for check-ups. Today I had an arranged appointment at Woodroyd Medical Centre and without my own transport, I have to rely on taxis. In these times of belt tightening being required perhaps a closer to home appointment would be beneficial to all concerned, not having to endure a tour of Bradford in a taxi.

Perhaps with a little thought, receptions at health authority desks could arrange for patients to visit a surgery near to where their GP surgery is instead of being sent miles away and in my case, costing me £7 there and back.

Appoint patients to a surgery near as possible to the patient's address to avoid any unnecessary travel costs and maybe they will actually attend.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford