SIR - Personal contact with friends, family and neighbours is one of the things I sorely missed during the pandemic and it's so lovely that 2022 has been a year when we could start celebrating and being together once again.

The Jubilee celebrations reminded me of all the wonderful fetes and events I’ve been to over the years, particularly when my son was young. Although I’m still not sure he’s forgiven me for making him walk all around the village wearing a boat costume I’d made for a fancy-dress competition - even though he won!

During the recent long bank holiday weekend, I was busy working on the next series of Call the Midwife and not able to get to a street party of my own, but those scenes of communities coming together across the country were wonderful to see.

This month, a charity I’m a big supporter of, Action for Children, is partnering with Iceland to encourage friends, families and neighbours to foster their own sense of community and get together and host a Big Lunch. Although it doesn’t have to be big!

A picnic in the park or lunch with friends will do. So, if like me, you didn’t get the chance to get together with those you love over the Jubilee weekend, and you want to it’s not too late. By hosting a Big Lunch for Action for Children, you can also raise money to help to support vulnerable children and families around the country.

Visit for all you need to get started!

Thank you,

Jenny Agutter

Beth McDonald

Media Relations Specialist - Consumer