SIR - The quick roll-out of the anti-Covid vaccine and the reappearance of the crown on beer glasses are given by the government as two of the major triumphs of having left the EU. Both are factually incorrect.

In late 2020 when the UK was still in the transition phase of leaving we were still subject to EU regulations as regards medicines. However, there was scope within the EU regulations for the UK independently to roll out the vaccine. We did NOT have to leave in order to enjoy that benefit.

EU regulations did NOT require the crown to be taken off beer glasses but rather there was in insistence that glasses include the European CE mark. Many British glass producers then took the decision to remove the crown. There was scope to have both.

Government spokesmen have been reminded time and time again of the facts here and that they are peddling untruths. The fact that the government continues to assert these “gains” shows how they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find upsides for Brexit.

John Cole, Chair, Bradford for Europe, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon