SIR - How would Johnson or Sunak advise a single mum with children aged two years and five weeks who lives alone on Universal Credit?

Should she pay to heat hot water to bathe her baby? Or pay council tax , or buy good food for herself? She is breast feeding the baby. (Electricity costs her more than most of us, due to a pre-payment meter.)

If the Government really wants to assist many millions of households, there are plenty of ways to find the money. According to Arun Advani of Warwick University they could:

* Reform Nat Insurance so that all pay13.5per cent of their income , instead of tax at 3.25per cent for the wealthy. Landlords pay 0per cent tax on rents. These changes could yield £30 billion;

* Or tax capital gains to match Income Tax rates. This would yield £16bn;

* Or a windfall tax on energy companies could yield £2 billion.

Will the Government take some of the riches from their wealthiest friends or will Sunak repeat his dishonest claim that he “cannot afford to borrow more.”

No extra borrowing is suggested above. £12bn could assist 12 million households by £1,000 each. Other income could help businesses, hospitals and schools. Relief from debts is desperately needed now.

Robert Holland, Skipton Road, Cononley