SIR - In chapter 5 verse 21, the prophet Jeremiah tells us in effect that there are none so blind as those who will not see. This is a perfect description of Alan Chapman’s excuses (T&A letters, May 21) by which he blames ‘Labour lies’ and rioting civil servants for Boris Johnson’s ‘Partygate’ woes.

He seems to have forgotten that originally we were told there were no parties in Downing Street; then that they were work related and finally that he did attend but for only two or three minutes. At the same time he assured MPs that they were shameful events that should never have happened and that he only realised after he got there that he was at a party.

His supporters like Mr Chapman seem to think that by only being penalised once, he has been more or less exonerated BUT this does not mean that he wasn’t at other events. This because under English law a person is innocent until found guilty so avoiding further penalty notices simply means that when asked he failed to respond and with no other evidence forthcoming the enquiries were dropped,

Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley