SIR - I write with regard to the government's assertion that the Northern Ireland Protocol needs to be either scrapped or greatly amended. But the air is full of the noise of flapping wings - chickens coming home to roost.

Your readers must beware of the spin coming out of Downing Street. The situation is a mess and 100per cent of the fault lies with Johnson and his cabinet. The EU is innocent in this matter. The facts are as follows:

* In 2017 Johnson spoke vehemently against any customs sea border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

* In an effort to avoid a sea border Mrs May negotiated a complex “Northern Ireland Backstop”. The Backstop became almost universally hated on the Conservative benches and in consequence:

* When he became prime minister Johnson re-negotiated with the EU to get rid of the Backstop, but only by replacing it with a customs sea border between Great Britain and Ireland. (see 1 above)

* The Northern Ireland Protocol (including sea border) was part of the agreement reached with the EU and signed off by both parties.

* Johnson presented this “oven ready” agreement to the Commons where the Conservatives voted for it - and them went out to win the 2019 general election off the back of it - having “got Brexit done”.

* Today Unionist in Northern Ireland plus our Conservative government rail against the Protocol and insist that the EU must now sit down and either amend it or scrap it.

* I acknowledge that the NIP is causing considerable damage to trade and making life difficult for exporters. But this was known in early 2016 when Sir John Major and Tony Blair jointly issued warnings.

* These sage warnings were dismissed by Brexiters as part of “Project Fear”. Now their arrogance, wrong-headedness and unwillingness to engage with reality is reaping its comeuppance.

Chickens coming home to roost!

John Cole Chair, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon