SIR - We are currently going through a very challenging cost of living crisis, a failure on the part of the UK government which is being exacerbated, but not caused by the war in Ukraine.

Ministers are trotting out the same old soundbites regarding their sympathy (not empathy) for the hardship being suffered by the poorest in society.

How can super rich cabinet ministers have any idea of how it feels to be living literally hand to mouth? Years of 'austerity' under Tory rule have gradually squeezed the poorest among us until the levels of poverty in our relatively rich country are quite obscene.

Food banks are now looked upon as acceptable by the government and the re-emergence of the workhouse would not be a surprising event in the not so distant future.

The advice flowing from the mealy mouths of these privately educated dimwits is to 'learn to cook' or to 'buy cheaper food'.

In their privileged world, i`m sure they would make cuts to their staff or even send their staff to shop at cheaper stores like Waitrose or even, God forbid, Sainsbury's!

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford