SIR - Right, Council Tax time again, but I don't trust direct debits or card payments ever since my account was hacked. So, I'll pop into the payments department at my local Town Hall. Oh, I forgot, they closed it down.

Ok, I'll take a cheque to the paypoint. No, they only take cash which means walking the streets with hundreds of pounds in my pocket. I don't think so. Ah, the good old Post Office! "We are not authorised to accept payments for Council Tax." Hmm. Right, I'll send a cheque direct to Bradford Council, but, hang on, there's a rebate due so what do I do about that? Easy! Go on to the website to make a claim. Oops, can't get in.

I'll ring the Council's helpline - ah, an automated voice refers me to the website I cannot get into.

Grr. Perhaps I should just let the bailiffs come and lock me up in a nice warm cell. I wonder if I'd have to pay Council Tax on that?

Ian Shepherd, Gamel View, Steeton