SIR - So, work has now started on the Council's much-loved One City Park development despite significant opposition in some quarters (T&A, May 4).

To many it will be an unnecessary carbuncle ruining the landscape between City Hall, the Alhambra Theatre and the Odeon building.

Bradford Council's Labour leader Susan Hinchcliffe and Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw have all along been determined for it to proceed, seemingly whatever the downsides. However, doesn't it beg many significant questions?

What happens if the current estimate of £35m is substantially exceeded? Whose neck is on the line other than Bradford's ratepayers?

Would a big cost rise make the whole scheme unviable? Again, whose neck would be on the line?

If there is such demand for Grade A office space why was this speculative development not fully let beforehand?

If it is not fully let how will the space be filled? To fill it with Council workers to justify its existence would be totally unacceptable.

Cllr Ross-Shaw says that "the intention was never to create traditional, full plan office space." Really?

At the moment it would all suggest wrong place, wrong time, and maybe even wrong city?

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon