SIR - I am shocked by the proposal to send refugees to Rwanda. Shocked that it has taken so many years of uncontrolled illegal immigration before a Home Secretary has finally taken sensible steps to stop this assault upon our shores.

Were it allowed to continue, our already overpopulated island would itself become a third world country.

Were I a resident of a country where my family risked persecution or death I would do my utmost to escape with them and get to a safe country and would throw myself on the mercy of the authorities for asylum until it was deemed safe to return to my homeland.

Were I somebody who wanted to exchange my country for somewhere milking the system was child's play, I'd cross many safe countries to get to the UK. So I would leave my family in the alleged hell hole I'm too scared to stay in and go with many more fit young men and sit about on the coast of France until I can enter into an expensive criminal contract with a people trafficker to get me on a dinghy to Kent.

If I knew I'd be sent off to Rwanda where people would actually check my tale of woe I'd find better ways of using my money in my own country.

Paul Morley, Long Preston