SIR - Like everyone else, I feel very sad for the people of Ukraine following the invasion of their country by Vladimir Putin's Russia.

There is no doubt that Putin has waged an illegal war on a sovereign nation and his army have committed war crimes against the people of Ukraine. I agree wholeheartedly with the EU, US and UK efforts to assist Ukraine, with defensive weapons being donated in order to defend themselves against the tyrant, Putin.

Unfortunately, I now fear that Ukraine is being used as a pawn in the longer chess game that involves a regime change in Russia. The allied nations now appear to be upping the ante in order to assist Ukraine in not only defending themselves but now also pushing back and taking the war to Putin.

It`s beginning to look very much like we have effectively declared war with Putin on behalf of Ukraine without the need to become involved in a war on the ground, and the losers in the end will be Ukraine themselves.

Once again, the west appears to be declaring themselves as world Police in order to force other nations to do their bidding. Can we do nothing without a deeper ulterior motive?

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford