SIR - I would agree with Colin Durkin (T&A letters April 28) that the West's involvement in assisting Ukraine in its resistance to Russia's invasion exceeds any supposed humanitarian concerns.

Russia's invasion of an independent sovereign state needs to be unequivocally condemned, yet NATO has recently invaded and bombed many countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya; therefore it lacks the moral integrity to condemn Russia's aggression. Furthermore NATO's continued expansion eastwards has been construed as both threatening and provocative by Russia. NATO refused to give the necessary assurances to Russia that Ukraine would remain neutral as had Ukraine's President Zelensky

Alarmingly the situation seems to be escalating and it is time that idle rhetoric gives way to pragmatism. This may require East Ukraine gaining some form of autonomy as part of a wider settlement.

Alec Suchi, Allerton Road, Bradford