SIR - Thank you, Emma Clayton for taking me down 'Amnesia Lane' and tales of her recent coach epic! Clearly keeping it real with her reference to 'swollen ankles'...

Back in the day, I did three World Speedway Finals by coach - two in Poland, the other in Sweden. In 1979 Katowice straight there and back. In 1992 Wroclaw, absolute luxury with an overnight hotel wash and brush up AND a permanent homeward grin as our then Bradford skipper had become the World Champion!

Ever the martyr, I did 7,000 miles via Greyhound across the USA and Canada before the century ended. Two nights on the bus, one in a motel - who cares if I ponged a little in between! The only mistake was bringing luggage when in reality a carrier bag was enough for a solo adventure of total freedom.

Happy days. God bless those swollen ankles! Thank you, Emma.

John Murphy, Cooper Lane, Bradford