SIR - The combined deficit of all of Bradford's schools is currently £6.5M. Incredibly the vast majority, £6.3M, relates to just one school - Hanson (T&A, April 16).

We are told that the main reason for Hanson's deficit is a contract with a third party that the school has been tied to for over 10 years.

The report went on to say that the contract issue has now been "resolved", but few details are available due to "confidentiality reasons".

How very convenient. This is substantial public money we are talking about here, and it is an utter disgrace that details are not in the public domain.

Who at Bradford Council signed this contract if its terms were so onerous? Why was it signed at all?

All this is surely far too important to be simply swept under the carpet. Unfortunately Bradford Council seems to have form in this regard, with no-one ever held to account for one shambles after another.

How badly we are being led.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon