SIR - Ivegate and Tyrrel Street are no-go areas in Bradford city centre, even during the day (T&A, April 7).

Bradford is the least safe place for a night out in the UK (T&A, April 6).

Previously, the inadequate Council's Children's Services had to be taken over by a newly created Trust. Further, child sexual exploitation has been rife in the district for years, although no heads have ever rolled despite all these disasters

Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe and the rather anonymous chief executive Kersten England have presided over all this, but amazingly retain their leadership roles and obviously don't accept that the buck stops with them.

We now read (T&A, April 6) that Kersten England is the highest paid chief executive in Yorkshire. You really couldn't make it up. Our whole Council leadership is an utter shambles, and any self-respecting individual would - and should - surely have long since resigned.

Not in Bradford where different values sadly seem to apply.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon