SIR - Re Doug Clark's comments about his experiences of cycling in the district and his recollection of times previous in much safer areas in times gone by. I would like to turn the tables on him by asking for cyclists to take into consideration that pedestrians use pavements to get to and from destinations.

I have often had to almost jump out of the way of a cyclist using the pavement, sometimes at speed and not taking advantage of the adjacent cycle lane which cost millions to build by the way! As far as I know cyclists are not required to pay any taxes for the use of cycle lanes and roads etc. Why not? They are road users after all.

I would also like to congratulate Thornbury Academy on Dick Lane for the placement of traffic cones in the areas of wider than usual pavements outside the school entrance to deter motorists from parking there to let their offspring out of their cars.

I wish considerate driving/riding of vehicles could be more considerate to pedestrians as quite frankly, at times, I don't feel safe walking on the pavements to get my T&A in the mornings.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford