SIR - So, Rishi Sunak is not the Mr Nice Guy that everyone was conned into believing in, but the publicly acceptable face of modern Thatcherism at its worst.

After allowing billions to be frittered away to fraud during the pandemic, he is now hell bent on making ordinary hard-working people pay for his own incompetence.

He and his government colleagues handed out contracts to friends and party donors, allowing them to profit from a global pandemic on an industrial scale and now its payback time for the rest of us!

While claiming to be a chancellor of low tax, he has inflicted the highest tax burden in years to the people who can least afford it while corporate bosses and bankers are given tax breaks.

His headline cut in fuel duty does little for those who don’t own a car and his national insurance hike, supposedly to pay for the NHS and care funding is yet another slap in the face for lower income earners.

As with all Tory governments throughout the years, the already rich become richer while the poorer in society pick up the tab.

I sincerely hope that those who leant their vote to the Tories have now learned the lesson and will show their discontent at the next election.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford