SIR - The other day I received my council tax bill for the next year, with a big increase.

I am a pensioner. My total pension increase from April will not match the council tax increase amount alone. On top I have to find money (I do not know where from?) for increases in food prices, petrol, energy etc as well.

The people who are supposed to be our representatives - MPs and councillors - have their increases more than ordinary people. For example MPs' salary increased more than inflation rate and councillors' allowances will increase at least in line with council tax increase. The fact is we are paying for our representatives' big increases.

This economic situation is hitting hard the poor, pensioners and working-class people. I would like to ask the question to our MPs and councillors, do you think it is fair? I will wait eagerly for their comments. If they do not want to response, I will presume they do not care.

Jagtar Sahota, Vint Rise, Idle