SIR - Lately, more than ever, we constantly hear Tory ministers and the right wing media, re-igniting the lies and smears against Jeremy Corbyn as a defence of their own traitorous involvement with Russian money. This is pure laziness and self protection by politicians who will follow any path that is likely to promote their careers or line their pockets.

Anyone who cares to take time to fact check Corbyn's remarks on Putin will know that he has been warning against any involvement with him for years, even before the first invasion of Ukraine.

It is said that Corbyn sided with Putin over the Salisbury poisonings, which is totally untrue. All that he called for was hard proof of Russian involvement before any action was taken, fearing an over the top reaction from sabre rattling nationalist politicians.

It speaks volumes in my opinion, that Johnson and his acolytes need to delve into the past in order to deflect any investigation into their own deep rooted involvement with dirty Russian money and Russian interference in UK politics and economy.

What happened to the Russia report? I think we all know the answer to that question!

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford