SIR - There has been much coverage of the failure of Bradford Council to manage Children’s Services since 2018.

I believe we have had three directors in the post who came and departed quickly. Did no alarm bells ring in the corridors of City Hall?

Staff are overwhelmed and exhausted with pressure, and employing agency staff at high rates is only a stop gap. This is unacceptable over the longterm.

Adult services and the need to provide for the sometimes complex needs of senior citizens is also top of the agenda. Bradford Council have closed down some of their homes. As the Council has saved on running costs, they should have more resources to provide care.

Soon you will receive your message from the Council Leader, its usual ending is to make you pay the price for ineptitude and fanciful vanity projects. The citizens of Bradford and their needs should come first.

Bradford Council should ringfence both these sectors' finances and issue quarterly statements on where our money is being spent.

The youth and elderly citizens of Bradford have been let down by the leadership. They deserve more.

Richard Milczanowski, Hollybank Grove, Great Horton