SIR - Firstly, I wish all readers and citizens a healthy2022.

Your article in the T&A on January 7 regarding the ongoing improvement works at Greengates/New Line junction: Why is it photos don’t seem to show anyone actually working or on site?

As stated "uncharted pipes” cables etc, some attributed to Yorkshire Water, fine, their property, their responsibility for poor practice. So let Yorks Water contribute some of the extra costs, likewise with any other identified utility company.

Someone is making a fortune of blaming unforeseen issues and Covid.

Enough of holding the greedy hands out, if they have to be paid, well, let them complete the works on time and schedule this time before one extra pound is paid. Oh, hold some back, in case there’s poor finishing of works. WE might need some specialists to then complete the job...

Wonder if the Combined Authority or the WY Mayor would like to comment. After all, they are the pay masters.

Richard Milczanowski, Hollybank Grove, Great Horton