SIR - This year we have decided that we will not be attending any parties over the Christmas period to do our part in combatting Covid.

Having said that, we are more than willing to attend any gatherings that may be taking place, although if questioned later, we must strongly deny being at the gatherings, which probably didn’t take place anyway.

Yes, anything we do over Christmas will be entirely within the guidance issued by the government.

If it is alleged by anyone that we attended a party, I will carry out a thoroughly independent enquiry to establish whether any rules were broken at said gatherings (not parties) and I will discipline myself if found at odds with said rules.

I think that if we all agree to abide by these rules, we can all enjoy the festive season without fear of heavy fines or imprisonment as a consequence. Merry Christmas and God bless Mr Johnson!

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford