SIR - As a long-time member of the Liberal Democrats naturally I am delighted by Helen Morgan's stunning result in the Shropshire North by-election. However, my joy is not unconfined.

Yesterday's drubbing of the Conservatives does not immediately get rid of Johnson and his appalling government. We are still stuck with them, at least for the moment.

On the bright side, however, there will be people in Shropshire North - and beyond – who for the first time will have looked at Liberal values, have liked what they see and in future will buy into those values. In short, there will have been conversions.

Two other cheerful prospects present themselves. First, voters are becoming more astute and learning to vote tactically. Yesterday Labour voters in Shropshire had spotted that the Liberal Democrats had a real chance of winning the seat, and “lent” their votes to get Helen Morgan over the line. When the next general election comes wider tactical voting gives us a chance of getting rid of the Tories.

Secondly it is clear that long-term Conservative voters with a sense of decency could no longer bring themselves to vote for this government's candidate and abstained. So “decency” is starting to win through.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon