SIR - The more I delve into the Government’s Integrated Rail Plan, the less satisfactory it seems. Bradford has been badly let down in the abandonment of HS2 and HS3, which would have brought economic benefits to our city and enabled existing track to be freed-up for freight transport and local services, thus taking diesel lorries and cars off the road and reducing carbon emissions.

The “titbit” offered to Bradford, electrifying the Bradford-New Pudsey-Leeds line, is bound to have negative consequences for those of us who live north of the city centre. LNER, or its successor, will presumably seek to use the newly electrified line for Bradford-London services, as it will provide a quicker journey time. This will presumably remove direct London services from Shipley and lead to a downgrading of the Airedale line to basic commuter services.

If Bradford-New Pudsey-Leeds is to be the fast commuter line, inevitably there will be fewer services from Forster Square and the temptation will be to have the reduced trains all call at Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge, making the Airedale line trains slower, and over time the condition of the line and the rolling stock will decline.

The more one looks at the IPR it is a very poor deal for West Yorkshire.

The Revd Dr Keith G Jones, Tulyar Court, Gilstead