SIR - Andrew Liddle's recent article, 'Happy lunchtimes in the city bar with no frills' was of interest.

I presume he must have been writing about a period after February 1967. Up until that month the beers produced by J Hey & Co. Ltd, Northbrook Brewery, Wilson Square, Lumb Lane, Bradford, were served at Spinks Bar. Hey’s acquired J Spink & Sons Ltd near the end of 1923 and that firm’s name was retained as Spink’s (caterers) Ltd; to run the businesses restaurants.

Webster’s ales came to be served in Spinks Bar due to the purchase of J Hey & Co. Ltd; in September 1966, by the Halifax company.

The illustration of the Empress that accompanied the article dated from 1901 when Edward VII coronation was due to take place. The ceremony had to be delayed somewhat due to the King’s illness.

Hammonds Bradford Brewery Ltd; shareholders’ meetings took place at the Empress until around 1960. During the war, as the company’s flagship pub, it was said to have never been allowed to run out of beer.

M Toft, Windsor Avenue, Silsden