SIR - I keep seeing journalists on the beaches of France reporting on the continuing procession of boats full of migrants attempting the hazardous crossing over to England.

A BBC reporter said a boat with 40-plus people on board, including children, struggled to get the engine started. He also stated that most if not all were Iranian or Iraqi migrants. This makes me ask a question - how many countries have they passed through without being stopped before they get to the beaches of France where it would appear the authorities are standing by and letting them, in some cases, drown in pursuit of a better life in Britain?

Perhaps the French should stop the boats from setting off from their coastline. That was agreed to try and stem this situation brought about by people smugglers from all parts of Europe and further afield no doubt.

I also blame politicians both sides of the Channel, especially our Home Secretary Priti Patel.

We are too soft in the UK to allow the constant influx of migrants from all over the world to come to here to be so-called processed.

Please politicians, sort it out. The UK is full and soon I will feel in the minority in my own country.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford