SIR - The best way to deal with the many concerns about the police and street safety would be to reintroduce police patrols, preferably two officers together, male and female.

I also agree that the comment by the crime commissioner that Sarah Everard should have been more streetwise is unacceptable.

The T&A article on October 6 about the protection women seemed obsessed by the gender disparity rather than the overall figures which are too large. Mayor Brabin seemed to advocate a levelling up of crimes against the genders, rather than just reducing it all. In the same way that female suicides are somewhat dismissed because there are less of them. We shouldn't dismiss male or female victims of suicide, violence or sex crimes, just because there are less. Especially when they are still significant in number.

Different issues are conflated in this debate and there are also concerns about the language sometimes used by the Mayor and others. In the same we that we should not demonise the Muslim community for IS, we also shouldn't demonise men for actions which most of us would never do.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon