SIR - For over 40 years the UK travelled moderately comfortably along a broad highway - the European Union. In 2016 this country chose to turn off this main road to follow the way to Brexit.

As we have travelled this side road it has become less and less inviting - a pot-holed surface and the way narrowing as vegetation increasingly encroached.

Shortly after leaving the main highway we had an opportunity to effect a U-turn, but were too arrogant in the certainty of our 2016 decision and so failed to have a re-think.

Today, as gaps appear in our supermarket shelves, Ian Wright, from the industrial group The Food and Drink Federation has warned:

“Britain is now in for permanent shortages”.

This cannot be dismissed as “Project Fear” - it is our lived reality.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon