SIR - Acres of tabloid newsprint are being wasted to celebrate Piers Morgan’s exoneration after having been accused of misreporting some story about Harry and Meghan. Once again, the so-called royalty experts are having a field day putting the boot in but with what intention?

All the pictures of Harry in dress uniform show him wearing his Afghanistan campaign medals This is something not available to his tormentors in the popular press and which identifies with a comment by made Dr Samuel Johnson some 250 years ago.

Every man, he wrote, feels meanly of himself who has not been a soldier nor served at sea. This is an honour which the bravest of the brave who man the gossip columns can never emulate.

The best they can do is seek to cover their lack of self-esteem by trying to take down a man who has served and who earned his medals under fire.`

Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley