SIR - As a child I’d never dreamt of being an actor. Growing up in my house was like growing up in a war zone. From a young age I was surviving - I certainly wasn’t reaching for the stars. A chance encounter with an amateur dramatics club introduced me to a world I had no knowledge of. But what if I hadn’t had that lucky break?

I believe there’s a star in every child but in 2021 far too many children in the UK are being denied the chance to shine. It’s hard for your imagination to come through when you’re hungry, facing neglect or abuse. Over four million UK children live in poverty, one in ten suffer from neglect and five kids in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition. That’s so many children who could become actors, dancers, scientists, astronauts, engineers - anything they dream - whose childhood struggles mean they won't fulfill that potential.

As an ambassador for Action for Children I’m asking you to join their campaign this September to help vulnerable children. With your help, we can make sure children have basics, like warm clothes and proper meals. And things that help them reach for the stars, like supporting their mental health.


Larry Lamb, actor and Action for Children ambassador