SIR - Denis Feeney, from Eccleshill where I grew up, said I and others in Baildon were opinionated.

There are several issues here but I'd like to point out that many of my letters aren't opinions they are questions. Here's just a few examples:

Why do some Extinction Rebellion members have diesel cars and lots of kids?

Why have people been told only to wear masks indoors when the biggest danger to respiratory health is by busy roads?

Women marched against Trump in Shipley in 2016 just because of a rude comment he made in private. Why aren't they, anywhere in the UK, marching against the Taliban for their treatment of women?

Why did we have a female only vaccine clinic in Keighley?

With the cancel culture now going strong, why is it still okay for women to say man-flu?

And why is only British colonialism highlighted?

Can I, white, male and straight, be a victim of a hate crime?

Far from being a know all I'm just the opposite. I'd like Mr Feeney or anyone else to enlighten me and answer these questions, they deserve an answer.

Alan Bates, Bowland Aveune, Baildon