SIR - Two T&A reports on August 30 typified for me where our priorities should be but are not.

Firstly, a man became a gang's victim of of mugging and theft whilst jogging in Lister Park at 10.15pm. I believe most people, whilst understanding no-one should be restricted from their chosen activity, would think an inner city park is not the place to be alone at that time. Councillor Nazir says “It is not a true reflection of the park”, but T&A reveals recorded crime in the park is nearly one a week, nearly half of a serious nature. Mr Nazir appeals for more police patrols. Does he not realise it's a long time ago that police abandoned foot patrols in streets, never mind parks?

In addition, an illegal immigrant was in court for tending a “huge cannabis factory”. I thought illegal entry to the UK and tending a cannabis factory were both criminal activities. However, Judge Neil Davey QC, believes he best serves law-abiding citizens by issuing a suspended sentence with no ancillary orders. He says the Home Office should be left to deal with the immigration issue.

With leadership of this type, does anyone wonder why crime soars and justice miserably fails?

Philip Crowther, Beckfield Road, Bingley