SIR - Having never visited this hidden gem, Horton Park, I recently took my elderly parents as they both grew up close by.

In truth I had low expectations but, credit to the park keepers, despite the selfish ignorance of moronic litter droppers, the park was in great condition and pleasant to walk around.

Parks reflect changing times as much as many places. The tennis courts are long gone, the bowling greens given over to kids' football, both evidence of better days but times change.

On the flip side the beautiful pond was stagnant and the wonderfully engineered stone conduit dry. Worse still, along an adjoining wall several rats competed for food left on the ground, oblivious to our presence.

On social media today I saw efforts by Friends of Bradford Moor Park. Worthy of note; perhaps the same could happen here?

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Idle