SIR - I agree with Harold Perkins (T&A letters, July 12), that people who set off fireworks in the early hours of the morning are inconsiderate and should be fined.

The sound of some bangers is so loud, leaving some who fought in the wars terrified as if real bombs are exploding all around them. Vibrations rock cars and trigger alarms, set dogs off barking, and babies and children wake up crying.

The law states that you can't use a horn between the hours of 11.30-7am because it is considered anti-social behaviour likely to disturb people. If you pull up outside someone's house and use your horn to let them know you're outside, you're likely to get a £30 fixed penalty.

Similarly, mosques in Bradford are banned from using outside speakers for adhan (Muslim call to prayers) after 7pm because the noise is potentially irritating to some who will be woken up by it.

There is fun and noise in wedding parties of all cultures, but no culture allows fireworks to go on almost every night during wedding seasons late at night into early hours of the morning. To do so shows lack of respect and is anti-social.

It's about time perpetrators are prosecuted and fined.

Mohammed Siddique, Southfield Square, Bradford