SIR - In reply to my letter regarding litter problems in Manningham, some readers claimed people living in the area are contributing to the litter and they are expected to sort it out.

It's not fair to blame mainly the Asian community, when it is the action of only a few. Culprits should be fined for indiscriminate littering.

However, Derek J Bird mentioned volunteers keeping Baildon relatively litter-free and he wasn't happy for the council being 'blamed' for litter in Manningham (T&A letters, August 10). We too had a hero volunteer, Saleem Lakhi, who liaised with the council for several years, and contributed enormously to keeping Manningham relatively litter-free. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year and the litter problems have escalated.

Manningham is densely populated, and Lister Park attracts people from all over. There are many restaurants and takeaways, and lot of people stay out late and eat out.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be enough council bins. They get filled up quickly and not emptied on time so overflowing litter is kicked all over.

I hope those blaming the residents of Manningham for contributing to the litter problem are not suggesting they should empty the bins too, when it is the job of the council to do so.

Mohammed Siddique, Southfield Square, Manningham