SIR - I wondered if any of your readers are aware of the so-called ‘A641 Improvement Scheme’.

A leaflet delivered to houses along my street on August 4 alerts us to comment on proposals to ‘help provide better communications and better places for communities and all users of the A641’. What is not immediately apparent in the leaflet is the plan to narrow Bradford Road and eliminate all parking between the town centre and Wyke, consigning parking to ‘side streets’.

As parking is already at capacity on the few side streets that do exist, this plan goes directly against the interests of residents and businesses located along and near to Bradford Road.

The online-only consultation is extremely difficult to navigate and is discriminatory, in that it does not provide equal access to all within the community. To compound matters, the deadline for responses is August 15, only 11 days after the leaflets were delivered.

Chris Lewis, Bradford Road, Bradford