SIR - Over a week after The Report on Child Exploitation in the Bradford area, the silence from Bradford Council and in particular its leader is deafening.

Yes, the department head was wheeled out to issue the same old “ lessons will be learned” and “ we are understaffed” platitudes. The report made it clear that it was attitudes and systems of the council and its partners that had let down victims so much. This sickening activity was considered so significant and serious it made the national TV news, with the incumbent humiliation of Bradford and its citizens.

Unfortunately, the council leader did not consider the above worthy of at least a public apology, bearing in mind the issue is clearly not only historical but a clear and present danger to, in particular, young vulnerable children.

I would recommend that Mrs Hinchcliffe picks up the file on A Future Bradford, City of Culture and throws it in the bin. Her attention should then be given to complying with every detail in the report to eliminate the evil culture that blights so much of West Yorkshire.

Philip Crowther, Beckfield Road, Bingley