SIR - I am sure a number of your readers are delighted with the work of Mr Johnson's Conservative government. I beg to differ.

In 30 years time dispassionate, objective historians will mark down the present administration as, by a distance, the worst in 100 years.

Those of us who have not been gulled by the lies and spin coming out of Downing Street need to start thinking now as how to get rid of the Tories at the next election.

It would seem that the non-Conservative parties nationally are highly unlikely to come together to form a “Progressive Alliance to get the Tories out”. So it falls to individuals and small groups in their communities to think seriously about tactical voting. Part of that is making use of vote-swapping websites (in 2019 as a Liberal Democrat I voted Labour in Shipley constituency where Labour were in clear second place, having agreed with a Labour voter in South Cambridgeshire that he would vote there for the better-placed Liberal Democrat).

In 2019 that happened - but on a small scale only. If we scale-up that vote-swapping activity five-fold and forensically then I believe we have a real chance to make a change in our politics.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon