THE OWNER of a Pool farm where micro-festivals are set to be staged in the summer is inviting local people to meet him to discuss the plans.

The Glorious Glamping weekends have caused outrage among neighbours who say they will create noise and disturbance and pose a threat to local wildlife.

Now they are being invited to meet Rory Aitken, who owns Fairmead Farm, to discuss the proposals. Adel and Wharfedale councillor Barry Anderson h working to set up a meeting between the owner and residents.

He said:"There is a lot of feeling within the village about the proposals as people understand them, however what we need is full openness and clarity as to what is and is not proposed in the short, medium and long terms at Fairmead Farm.

Cllr Anderson said: "He would like residents to meet on site so that he and his team can show exactly what it is they are planning and whereabouts on the land the various proposals will take place and he is open to questions both before, during and after these sessions.

"If possible he would like to meet with the residents from the Bar House, and along Cabin Road to Far Row separately so they can discuss the impact on the quarried area and because they are the ones closest to the site he is proposing to place the glamping on. He is amenable to holding a number of sessions throughout the day so there are no restrictions on who can and cannot attend apart from the restrictions placed on us all through Covid."

Cllr Anderson added:"I would also confirm that today the planner who has been looking into the proposed new entrance has emailed the owner and his agent to advise them of the council’s intention to refuse the application and setting out their reasons which will then form part of the report that is issued formally on the application."

He said: "Based on a conversation with the owner today the first time that the field will be used will be at the Bank Holiday at the end of May when there will be a private family and friends get-together. He would then anticipate submitting the relevant requests to start the commercial glamping operation early to mid-June. I also outlined clearly the views of residents’ concerns in terms of the access road, the use of the barn, the glamping proposal, the mini festivals proposal and lack of clarity over the plans in the short, medium and long term for the farm itself. He also confirmed that planning enforcement had been in touch with him and were planning to come onsite and see for themselves the various proposals that have been outlined to them so that they can assess the concerns that have already been expressed by some residents but also through the action group that has been set up locally and press comments that have been made to the Wharfedale Observer."