AN Ilkley business is appealing for volunteers to help it keep on top of a very successful recycling scheme.

Simon Carter, showroom manager at Milestone Eco Design in Leeds Road said: “We have, for the last two years, offered our showroom as a Terracycle collection point for things such as crisp packets, Lavazza EcoCap coffee pods, cheese packaging, baby food pouches and much more. At the time, there were other collection points available in the town, however many of these are now closed due to the high demands placed upon the people running them, all of whom are volunteers.

“As a result, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of recycling waste being brought into our collection point and, whilst we are thrilled with the level of recycling activity and awareness that there obviously is within the town, it is becoming a problem in that our premises is starting to look like a refuse collection point, rather than a kitchen showroom.

"The volume of waste is becoming unmanageable for us (there is only me in the showroom most of the time). We are first and foremost a business, and whilst we love offering this service to the community, we can not allow it to adversely affect our business.

"We are therefore making an appeal for volunteers to come and help out with keeping on top of the sorting and boxing up of the recycled waste that we collect. We have appealed before, however sadly there was no take up on the request for help.

"Sadly, we are in a position where, unless we get help, we are going to have to cease collecting for Terracycle, which we know would be a huge loss to many people within the Ilkley community (and surrounding areas)."

If you can help with sorting the recycling waste call Simon on 01943 817153 or email