From: Shannon Coles, Martin Gaskin, Anita Barton, Rod Holt, Claire Colman, Mick Bradley, Andrew Howarth, Charlotte Hunt

THE new ‘Visit Otley’ video on the Facebook page is lovely, featuring our beautiful town in the spring, and a hopeful ‘We’re back’ message for Otley sport.

But we couldn’t help but notice that of all the people playing tennis, football and golf, cycling, paddle boarding, kayaking and running, only one of the fourteen people featured is a woman, and there are no girls in the video at all. Is this really the message that the home town of a world-class woman cyclist wishes to send to the world? And what about families, older people, people with disabilities, and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds? Surely we need to be offering representations of people from all backgrounds, ages and mobility levels accessing our sports facilities if we are serious about being an inclusive and welcoming town.’