COUNCILLORS are welcoming extra speed check signs in Arthington village.

Following the introduction of Police Speed Check signs in Pool in Wharfedale the local Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant has agreed to carry out increased checks on speeds on Arthington Lane through Arthington village.

Highways have advised that they will produce signs to let motorists know that checks on this road will be undertaken frequently while they are in the Pool area.

Cllr Barry Anderson, Conservative, Adel and Wharfedale Ward, said:“I am delighted that the police are taking the speeding issue in Arthington village so seriously that they are prepared to increase their checks whilst they are in the area carrying out regular enforcement in Pool village. It is really pleasing that this is being backed up by immediate action from Highways to install the signage that goes with this increased activity.

"I get regular complaints about speeding in all areas and it is good that residents will now see regular activity by the Police.”

Cllr Caroline Anderson, Conservative, Adel and Wharfedale Ward, added:“Residents quite correctly are fearful of the vehicle movements through Arthington village as it is an A-class road with traffic that is totally unsuitable for the width of the road and regular speeding is an issue. There is very little pavement area for pedestrians and speeding cars and HGVs are terrifying especially for pedestrians and those whose properties are directly on the frontage of the road in the village. I welcome the increased activity that the Police have committed to undertake.”

Leeds City Council Highways have advised they will install these signs underneath the speed limit signage when entering the 30mph speed limit area, as this is the built up area and a slower traffic speed through here would be more beneficial to residents.

The existing speed limit signs are in places masked by overhanging trees, which will be pruned back on the nearside to improve visibility and will introduce 30mph road roundels at each entry to the 30mph section, to highlight the presence of the speed limit change.

Last summer it was announced that ‘Police Speed Check’ signs were to go up on the main routes into Pool-in-Wharfedale.

The move was part of a package of road safety measures agreed following an online meeting involving Leeds City Council, ward councillors, Pool Parish Council, the police and residents.

Other actions planned included installing a wooden bollard near the zebra crossing on Main Street ‘to prevent people using it as a method of exiting the Post Office car park’, and exploring the possibility of upgrading the zebra crossing.