COVID-19 case rates have dropped again in Leeds.

In a tweet today Leeds City Council CEO Tom Riordan said: "Leeds case rate down again to 166.4 per 100k (from 170.8) which is a 20% drop in a week. Positivity is stable at 8.1% so we still have a way to go.

"Please do all you can by staying in unless essential, keeping your distance when out and taking the vaccine if called."

The figures have fallen dramatically since mid-January when rates were 344.2 cases per 100,000 people tested.

Extra caution was urged at that stage as more cases of the new UK Covid-19 variant were found in Leeds.The variant was believed to be responsible for around one in every five cases of the virus detected in the city - compared to just one in 20 local cases before Christmas.

This week Boris Johnson said easing England’s lockdown would be based on a “cautious and prudent approach”.

The Prime Minister stressed that any easing of restrictions needs to be done in stages and said that his road map out of lockdown on Monday will be done in a way that ensures it is “irreversible”.