THE FOLLOWING planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: garage conversion to habitable room space with single storey rear extension and gable end roof to the side - NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 19/07696/FU - Proposed rear extension roof height lowered, glazed link added between proposed rear extension and existing basement room, minor internal modifications. White Windows, Staircase Lane.

Bramhope: T1 - mature Conifer & Cypress - fell. T2 - Mature Cherry - thin canopy 10%, remove crossing limbs and minor limbs to open up canopy. Reduce back extended limb by 2m to balance. T3 - Conifer hedge of 16 trees - reduce by 7m. T4 - Magnolia - minor crown lift (under 1m) to draw back from Rhododendron. T5 - 2 Ash, 1 Beech - canopy encroaching over house / chimney, draw back canopy by 3 metres in line with boundary wall. 12D Church Hill.

Bramhope: multi-stem Crack Willow to coppice to prevent stems from failing. In group 142 on attached plan adjacent to the footpath. Hazel overhanging pavement on A660 - to coppice. In group 147 on attached plan Crack Willows overhanging footway - to coppice. In group 149 on attached plan. Hawthorn with decay at base, next to footbridge - to fell. In group 144 on the attached plan. The Poplars.

Bramhope: two storey side elevation. 23 Creskeld Drive.

Guiseley: See attached Tree Report. Nethermore Park, Otley Road.

Guiseley: first floor side extension. 9 The Oval.

Guiseley: change of use of offices (B1(a)) to four dwellings (C3). Richmond House 5 - 8 Richmond Terrace Otley Road.

Guiseley: Demolition of existing buildings and erection of care home with associated access, parking and landscaping

Benfield Ford Ltd Richmond Garage Otley Road.

Guiseley: consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Planning Application 19/00166/FU. 65 Park Road.

Guiseley: open porch with stairs to front. 21 Hawksworth Lane.

Guiseley: first floor side extension; new first floor window to front. 4 Dale Close.

Guiseley: hard landscaping to rear; installation of pergola. The Barn, Hawksworth Lane.

Horsforth: T1 Ash - remove as of no valuable amenity. Absorbs too much light and drops deadwood, birds create mess on vehicles below and worries of limb failure with children playing underneath. Happy to re-plant. 12 Ash Grove.

Horsforth: change of use from retail shop to a cafe. 256A Low Lane.

Horsforth: T1 Oak to fell (the tree overhangs the back garden from the woodland behind the property). Craggwood Manor, Wood Lane.

Horsforth: two storey and single storey side/rear extension. 12 Rawdon Road.

Horsforth: part single storey part two storey side/rear extension. 56 Broadgate Walk.

Horsforth: conservatory to rear. 30 Kerry Hill.

Horsforth: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for conversion of garage to habitable accommodation. 1A Bridge Wood Close.

Otley: A1 - Acer - prune back from building to allow for a 3m clearance. C1, C2 - Conifer - remove to ground level, as it is within 3m of our property, so overtime will begin to cause damage. S1 Small Sorbus - remove to ground level. HC1 Horse Chestnut - reduce away from property to allow 3m clearance. Crown thin by 10% as it is densely packed canopy, crown lift to 5.2m over the access road, and to 2.5m over the path. 1 Manor Court, Manor Square.

Otley: demolition and replacement of detached garage; construction of retaining structure and raising of garden levels. Mon Abri, Burras Lane.

Otley: single storey extension with raised decking area, steps and balustrade above to rear. 11 Rills Mead.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: T1 Sycamore - crown clean the canopy, remove dead, diseased, dysfunctional material over 35mm diameter. To include the removal of no3-4 low level limbs overhanging garden identified with historical limb damage leading to structural weakening due to over extension of limbs. 8 Park Mews.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to both gables, dormer window to rear and rooflights to front. 14 Park Terrace.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: single storey rear extension; covered area to rear. The Meadows Arthington Lane.

Rawdon: single storey rear extension. 65 Larkfield Road.

Rawdon: variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 7 (parking plan) 18/05776/FU to amend the approved internal layouts and proposed extension design for both Hamilton House and Lodge; submission of proposed parking plan. Hamilton House, Woodlands Drive.

Rawdon: T1 Sycamore - large limb to be removed, if limb fails it would destroy a section of the house. T2 Sycamore - remove twin stem, root system damaging retaining wall. Low amenity value. Mount Farm House, Town Street.

Rawdon: T1 Sycamore - remove. (not protected in the TPO). T2 Copper Beech - Not protected in the TPO. T3 Silver Birch, T4 Copper Beech, T5 Sycamore, T6 Copper Beech - 10% Crown Thin and removal of encroaching branches towards house by 2-3m depending on suitable growth points. Far Well House, Far Well Road.

Rawdon: T7 and T9 Horse Chestnut - remove (see attached report). Woodlands Farm, Woodlands Drive.

Yeadon: detached garage conversion to habitable room space. 1 Greenlea Close.

Yeadon: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to gable, dormer window to rear and rooflights to front. 21 Banksfield Crescent.

Yeadon: consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 8 and 10 of Planning Application 19/04051/FU. 86A High Street.