POLICE have taken decisive action following a surge in dangerous parking on Otley Chevin.

West Yorkshire Police says there has been a ‘huge spike’ in complaints about vehicles parking dangerously on roads beside the beauty spot over recent weeks.

So the Force sent officers out last weekend to several spots including the busy East Chevin Road - and found dozens of cars parked illegally along the roadside.

That led to 33 fixed penalty notices being issued for obstructing the road which, as an update on the issue on the West Yorkshire Police - Leeds North West Facebook page states, ‘is a national speed limit stretch and used extensively by pedestrians and cyclists’.

The post adds: “Causing an obstruction with a parked vehicle is potentially extremely dangerous for other road users as well as those boarding and alighting the parked vehicle.

“We will continue to patrol the Chevin to increase safety of the public and ensure free flow of traffic.”

The action has been widely praised by local residents who are now also calling on the police to consider a similar crackdown on irresponsible parking at other popular local destinations - and especially Golden Acre Park, at Bramhope.

Posting on the force’s Facebook page, Kate Hobson said: “Brilliant, let’s hope it stops this silliness, but please, please go to Golden Acre - the road by the car park off Kings Road was crazy. When will people learn? Maybe when they see someone killed or a near miss.

“I’m sure they will be the first to complain if their car gets damaged or worse.”

Many shared Kate’s view. Emma Elizabeth Cairns said: “Golden Acre next time please, the roads were incredibly dangerous yesterday - ie on Sunday, November 22 - dangerous parking is a common occurrence on this road these days.”

Rebecca Sykes posted: “We went to Golden Acre Park yesterday and it was ridiculous, they were parked on both sides of the road and it was dangerous passing.”

Amy Shedden added: “Very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians with people stepping out from in between cars with strollers, dogs and kids; cyclists having to overtake parked cars on either side; and HGVs struggling to get through.

“I appreciate people need to get out but it was far too dangerous yesterday and kind of ruining the ‘stay safe’ message, as any accidents would inevitably place a strain on hospital resources - not to mention cause devastation.”

David Wooler summed up the reaction: “Well done West Yorkshire Police. Lots of positive comments here so you can see lots of folk support your actions. I know you have limited resources but perhaps follow up on the other suggested locations if possible.”